CSKA produced another commanding performance to rack up the goals at home to struggling Dinamo Riga. The Latvians, defeated 7-0 last time out, might have allowed seven more here; a missed penalty shot from Maxim Mamin kept the Army Men to six.

However, the underlying problem for Dinamo is still all too evident: CSKA had 74 attempts in the game, 41 of them on target and spent over 18 minutes with the puck in Riga’s zone. Girts Ankipans has been seeking new goaltending options, but few netminders can regularly give their teams a chance to win in the face of that kind of onslaught.

The KHL’s leading scorer, Kirill Kaprizov, added a goal and an assist to his tally and moves to 18 (10+8) for the season so far. Linden Vey also scored twice, Ivan Telegin potted the fifth and goal number six just summed up Dinamo’s luck this season. On the power play, despite trailing 1-5, the visitor bravely called goalie Andrei Makarov to the bench in the hope of sparking an unlikely comeback. Instead, though, Alexei Marchenko shot into the empty net to wrap up another emphatic scoreline.


CSKA Moscow Dinamo Riga
1:0Vey Linden
04:19Sekac Jiri
1:1Meija Gints
17:09Mamcics Roberts, Marenis Rihards
2 minMamcics Roberts
2 minBerglund Kristofer
CSKA Moscow Dinamo Riga
2:1Vey Linden
24:37Kiselevich Bogdan, Mamin Maxim V.
3:1Nesterov Nikita D.
31:20Grigorenko Mikhail
4:1Kaprizov Kirill
5:1Telegin Ivan
37:41Romanov Alexander S., Kaprizov Kirill
2 minNaumenkov Mikhail
2 minMamcics Roberts
2 minBerglund Kristofer
2 minMcMillan Brandon
2 minMakarov Andrei
29:53Throwing the puck outside the playing area
0 minAlisauskas Nerijus
2 minMcMillan Brandon
CSKA Moscow Dinamo Riga
6:1Marchenko Alexei
47:41Johansson Lars
2 minSekac Jiri
2 minKalinin Sergei
2 minSekac Jiri
2 minKarnaukhov Pavel
2 minMcMillan Brandon
2 minBatnja Oskars
  • 04:19 1:0 Vey Linden (Sekac Jiri)
  • 17:09 1:1 Meija Gints (Mamcics Roberts, Marenis Rihards)
  • 18:47 2 min Mamcics Roberts (Tripping)
  • 19:21 2 min Berglund Kristofer (Tripping)
  • 24:37 2:1 Vey Linden (Kiselevich Bogdan, Mamin Maxim V.)
  • 25:01 2 min Naumenkov Mikhail (Cross-checking)
  • 29:22 2 min McMillan Brandon ()
  • 29:53 2 min Makarov Andrei (Throwing the puck outside the playing area)
  • 31:20 3:1 Nesterov Nikita D. (Grigorenko Mikhail)
  • 34:32 4:1 Kaprizov Kirill
  • 35:37 0 min Alisauskas Nerijus (Slashing)
  • 37:41 5:1 Telegin Ivan (Romanov Alexander S., Kaprizov Kirill)
  • 39:21 2 min McMillan Brandon (Tripping)
  • 45:58 2 min Sekac Jiri (Roughing)
  • 45:58 2 min Batnja Oskars (Roughing)
  • 47:06 2 min Kalinin Sergei (Tripping)
  • 47:41 6:1 Marchenko Alexei (Johansson Lars)
  • 48:08 2 min Sekac Jiri (High-sticking)
  • 59:39 2 min Karnaukhov Pavel (Hooking)