The sale of DINAMO RIGA season tickets of 2019/2020 will begin this year, on 3 June, at 12:00 p.m.

Until 24 June, the season tickets are available for sale and renewal for an especially attractive price.

Thirty one DINAMO RIGA home games have been scheduled in the calendar of the regular KHL championship 12th season.

This season, the seats are divided into four categories: CLUB, GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. As with every season, in addition to these categories there are also PLATINUM and PLATINUM 1+1 season tickets, which offer special advantages during the games and the possibility to travel with the team to away games. The CLUB+ and GOLD+ categories include car parking at Arena Riga during the games.

Prices and detailed advantages of all season tickets are available in the presentation of the season tickets – HERE.

The season ticket only provides entrance to Dinamo Riga home games of the regular KHL championship 12th season, that take place at Arena Riga.

The KHL Calendar with accurate times and venues of the games can be expected in June.

Renewing season tickets.

As before, holders of the previous year’s season tickets will be able to renew them until the beginning of the pre-season preparation tournament, until 20 August, by purchasing a season ticket for the previous season’s seats booked in the buyer’s name. Information about renewing the season tickets will be sent out individually.

The economic benefits of renewing the season ticket:
In comparison with buying tickets to individual games, by renewing your previous season ticket (except for Platinum and Platinum 1+1) by 24 June, you save approximately 40-45%, but from 25 June till 20 August – 35%.

Purchasing new season tickets.

When purchasing a new season ticket (except for Platinum and Platinum 1+1) by 24 June, you save approximately 35%, but starting from 25 June – 25%.

Additional benefits for season ticket holders:

  • Specific seat to all KHL regular season home games at Arena Riga.
  • Those who renew or purchase new season tickets before 20 August 2019, will be able to attend the pre-season unofficial tournament games free of charge with special invitations that will be sent out.
  • The stated price of the season ticket does not include the processing fee and the arena service fee.
  • Each season ticket holder will receive an invitation for two persons to all home games of HK RĪGA at the INBOX Ice Arena, Piņķi.
  • Season ticket holders will be able to purchase additional tickets to DINAMO RIGA games at a discount.
  • Pre-season event “Be the First to Meet the Team” – a meeting with the DINAMO RIGA team for season ticket holders, who have purchased their season tickets in June and July.
  • When the team reaches the exclusion tournament, the holders of season tickets will be able to buy tickets for their seats held during the season.


 Dinamo Riga Cashback World loyalty programme:

You can enter your Cashback card number during the season ticket purchase process to receive cashback benefits (3% - Cashback and 2.50% Shopping Points). When shopping at Cashback World loyalty partners using the "Dinamo Riga" Cashback card, members receive cashback from each purchase and collect Shopping Points that can be used for other purchases. The motto of the Cashback World programme is: "Money comes back on every purchase!" Every member registered with Dinamo Riga supports the Latvian ice hockey team with their purchases.

Ways of purchasing season tickets.

Also this year, as in the previous season, the season tickets can only be purchased online. The season ticket holders will be assigned an individual profile or have the option to use their existing account. The season ticket profile will offer more convenient operations with the tickets: like in the previous season the holder will receive a plastic card to attend all home games at Arena Riga; however, they will have the option to use tickets to games they cannot attend personally at their own discretion – print them out or forward them in electronic format.

As before, season tickets can also be purchased from AS DINAMO RĪGA by money transfer, by sending a prior application to or calling  26003556.

Additional Information:
Tel. No.: +371 26003556