In preparation for the 2021/2022 KHL season, the DINAMO RĪGA squad will hold a training camp in Liepāja, take part in a friendly tournament in Kazakhstan and play two friendly games in Finland

The 2021/2022 KHL season is set to begin in September and, in line with the KHL regulations, the DINAMO RĪGA team will start the preparations in July, starting with medical and functional checks, training sessions in Piņķi and Jūrmala, followed by a training camp in Liepāja Olympic Centre including time both on the ice and in the gym from 18 July to 4 August.

From 11 through 15 August, DINAMO RĪGA will compete in the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan's Cup in Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan alongside the home team Barys Nur-Sultan and Kunlun Red Star (Beijing). The teams will hold a two-round tournament playing a total of 4 games each.

Following that, DINAMO RĪGA will head to Finland to play two friendly games against KHL’s Jokerit Helsinki on 19 and 20 August.

Afterwards, the team will continue preparations for the new season in Piņķi, while some of the players will join the Latvian national squad for the Olympic qualifying tournament at Arēna Rīga (26-29 August).

DINAMO RĪGA pre-season test matches (Latvian time):

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan's Cup tournament:

11 August, 16:30, Nur-Sultan, BARYS – DINAMO RĪGA; 

12 August, 16:30, Nur-Sultan, KUNLUN RED STAR – DINAMO RĪGA;

14 August, 14:30, Nur-Sultan, BARYS – DINAMO RĪGA;

15 August, 10:00, Nur-Sultan, KUNLUN RED STAR – DINAMO RĪGA;


Friendly games in Finland:

19 August, 18:30, Harjoitusottelu, JOKERIT – DINAMO RĪGA;

20 August, 18:30, Harjoitusottelu, JOKERIT – DINAMO RĪGA.