Hockey club DINAMO RĪGA has signed a cooperation agreement with the companies SIA “EAST - WEST TRANSIT” and “LN Degviela”, which operates in Latvia under the trademark “Latvijas Nafta”.

SIA “EAST - WEST TRANSIT” and “LN Degviela”, operating in Latvia under the trademark “Latvijas Nafta”, is a company with local capital, and its customers include local companies, farms, as well as internationally known production companies. Fuel is imported in cooperation with oil refineries. The company trades gasoline, diesel fuel, agricultural fuel, labelled heating fuel, as well as marine fuel. The company has four oil bases in the territory of Latvia – in Rēzekne, Cēsis, Liepāja and Valmiera. The extensive network and location layout allows the delivery of fuel to customers in any place of Latvia as quickly and economically as possible.

The company manages “Latvijas Nafta” filling stations, which offer high-quality fuel that meets the latest European Union standards. The network includes 45 filling stations, which operate not only in Riga, Cēsis, Liepāja, Ventspils and Rēzekne, but also in the vicinity of these cities, thus covering all regions of Latvia. In total, the company employs approximately 250 people – both in administration and in the service sector.

Our company has always been involved in the support of children and young people. Every year we make donations to support funds for children, as well as cooperate closely with Ghetto Games, which provides activities for young people exactly in the field of sports. We are passionate sports fans and – being a true local company – we also support hockey and our hockey players! We have been actively participating in both smaller and larger hockey activities for several years! The year 2021 has been no exception – we cooperated with the Latvian Ice-Hockey Fan Organisation, actively supported and followed the World Championship and now we will also support the Kontinental Hockey League hockey club DINAMO RĪGA!