On 3 March this year, a meeting of the Council and the Board of JSC “Dinamo Rīga” took place, during which the management of the Club heard out the Head Coach of the “Dinamo Rīga” team Pēteris Skudra, as well as evaluated the team’s performance in the 13th season of the Kontinental Hockey League.

During the meeting, the performance of the players of Hockey Club “Dinamo Rīga” and the contribution of the coaches were analysed. All the participants of the meeting agreed that the 2020/2021 season was difficult due to the restrictions imposed related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Various changes affected the order of the games and directly affected the level of physical fitness of the players – especially in the first half of the season.

After hearing out the Head Coach of the “Dinamo Riga” team, Pēteris Skudra, the Council and the Board positively assessed the involvement of the young hockey players of Hockey Club “Riga” in the main team. At the same time, taking the overall sports results into account, as “Dinamo Rīga” not only failed to enter the elimination tournament, but in general ended the season in last place among all teams in both leagues, it was decided not to continue cooperation with Pēteris Skudra. The Council and the Board of Dinamo Rīga thanked Skudra for last season and wished him success in his future career.

To prepare for a successful start in the Kontinental Hockey League in the 2021/2022 season, the task of the Club management is to propose new candidates for the position of General Manager and Head Coach of the Club to the Council for discussion as soon as possible, prepare proposals for the effective reorganisation of the structure, and prepare a plan for the off-season stage.