DINAMO RĪGA pre-season preparation plan

Preparing for the 2019-2020 KHL season, DINAMO RĪGA will take part in two trial tournaments – in the Russian city Sochi and in the Traditional pre-season tournament at Arena Riga - by participating in at least 8 trial matches in total.

The 2019-2020 KHL season will begin on 1 September, therefore the DINAMO RĪGA team will start preparing for the new season in July, first passing medical checks and practising at Piņķi, and later participating in a training camp at the Liepāja Olympic Centre (15 through 26 July). After the training camp in Liepāja, the team will continue preparation for the season at Piņķi (27 July through 2 August).

From 3 through 8 August, DINAMO RĪGA will take part in the ice-hockey tournament “Sochi Hockey Open 2019” in Sochi, where, besides our hockey players, the local team HC SOCHI, Saint Petersburg SKA, Omsk AVANGARD, Yaroslavl LOKOMOTIV, as well as the Russian Olympic team will play. Each team will participate in four games. DINAMO RĪGA will not have to play against AVANGARD, coached by Bob Hartley.

From 20 to 25 August, the Traditional pre-season tournament will take place at Arena Riga. Five teams will participate in the tournament – DINAMO RĪGA, Yaroslavl LOKOMOTIV, Kazan AK BARS, Minsk DINAMO and, for the first time, Yekaterinburg AVTOMOBILIST. All teams will participate in a one-round tournament by playing in 4 games each.

Ice-hockey tournament “Sochi Hockey Open 2019”:

3 August, 16:30, Sochi, HC SOCHI – DINAMO RĪGA;

5 August, 18:30, Sochi, SKA – DINAMO RĪGA;

6 August, 14:00, Sochi, LOKOMOTIV – DINAMO RĪGA;

8 August, 14:00, Sochi, Russian Olympic team – DINAMO RĪGA.

Traditional pre-season tournament at Arena Riga:

20 August, 19:30, Arena Riga, DINAMO RĪGA – AVTOMOBILIST;

21 August, 19:30, Arena Riga, DINAMO RĪGA – LOKOMOTIV;

24 August, 13:00, Arena Riga, DINAMO RĪGA – DINAMO Minsk;

25 August, 17:00, Arena Riga, DINAMO RĪGA – AK BARS.