The highest scoring game of the day came in Latvia where the basement teams of the two conferences went head-to-head. Red Star arrived on the back of a five game losing streak, while Dinamo’s skid was a miserable 12 games.

Dinamo got the perfect start, earning an early power play and taking just 10 seconds to convert it. Jordan Murray thumped in a shot from the blue line and Lauris Darzins got in front of Dmitry Shikin to knock the puck down into the net.

However, Red Star responded strongly. Parker Foo tied the scores with his first goal for the club after five minutes and, three minutes later, Ivan Nikolishin gave the visitor the lead. Both goals came after shots that cannoned back of the boards; debutant goalie Zane McIntyre’s first KHL appearance ended after nine minutes.

The second period began with a fight — Viktor Baldayev vs JC Lipon — and another power play goal for the host. This time, Murray’s shot found the net with Darzins providing the traffic. Red Star responded late in the frame when Casey Wellman restored the visitor’s lead but a pair of late goals saw Riga take a lead to the locker room. Miks Indrasis got his first of the season, then Gleb Zyryanov scored on his former club.

Zyryanov was clearly enjoying the chance to prove a point to Red Star: early in the third he produced a similar effort to make it 5-3. That proved too much for the Dragons, who slipped to a first ever loss in Riga.

Dinamo Riga Kunlun Red Star
1:0Darzins Lauris
02:26Murray Jordan, Dzierkals Martins
2 minLipon JC
1:1Foo Parker
05:32Monakhov Sergei, Lofquist Sam
1:2Nikolishin Ivan
08:27Sproul Ryan, Monakhov Sergei
2 minMurphy Trevor
Dinamo Riga Kunlun Red Star
2:2Murray Jordan
21:30Indrasis Miks, Dzierkals Martins
3:3Indrasis Miks
38:45Darzins Lauris, Mamcics Roberts
4:3Zyryanov Gleb
39:49Scarlett Reece, Zile Kristaps
5 minLipon JC
2 minMurray Jordan
2 min 
30:40Too many players on the ice
2 minWhite Matt
2:3Wellman Casey
35:18Shinkaruk Hunter, Lofquist Sam
2 minBaldayev Viktor
5 minBaldayev Viktor
2 minSproul Ryan
Dinamo Riga Kunlun Red Star
5:3Zyryanov Gleb
40:54Indrasis Miks, Sund Tony
2 minStolyarov Gennady
2 minPedan Ruslan
2 minWerek Ethan
2 minPedan Ruslan
  • 02:16 2 min Murphy Trevor (Tripping)
  • 02:26 1:0 Darzins Lauris (Murray Jordan, Dzierkals Martins)
  • 05:32 1:1 Foo Parker (Monakhov Sergei, Lofquist Sam)
  • 08:27 1:2 Nikolishin Ivan (Sproul Ryan, Monakhov Sergei)
  • 16:33 2 min Lipon JC (Hooking)
  • 21:03 5 min Lipon JC (Fisticuffs)
  • 21:03 2 min Baldayev Viktor (Cross-checking)
  • 21:30 2:2 Murray Jordan (Indrasis Miks, Dzierkals Martins)
  • 21:30 5 min Baldayev Viktor (Fisticuffs)
  • 24:27 2 min Murray Jordan (Tripping)
  • 25:36 2 min Sproul Ryan (High-sticking)
  • 30:40 2 min   (Too many players on the ice)
  • 34:28 2 min White Matt (Cross-checking)
  • 35:18 2:3 Wellman Casey (Shinkaruk Hunter, Lofquist Sam)
  • 38:45 3:3 Indrasis Miks (Darzins Lauris, Mamcics Roberts)
  • 39:49 4:3 Zyryanov Gleb (Scarlett Reece, Zile Kristaps)
  • 40:54 5:3 Zyryanov Gleb (Indrasis Miks, Sund Tony)
  • 41:30 2 min Pedan Ruslan (Hooking)
  • 44:32 2 min Werek Ethan (Slashing)
  • 48:00 2 min Stolyarov Gennady (Slashing)
  • 48:00 2 min Pedan Ruslan (Cross-checking)