After edging a nine-goal thriller on Saturday, Sibir was involved in another barn-burner to start the week. The home team collected its second win of the season despite trailing 1-3 with less than two minutes to play.

The first period produced few chances, but Sibir was clearly on top without converting that supremacy into goals. In the second session, the home team still had most of the play but Dinamo demonstrated that when it comes to chances, quality counts for more than quality. The visitor spent just 1:47 on the attack but used the time wisely to score three goals. Daniels Berzins, Zack Mitchell and Janis Jaks found the target while home goalie Alexei Krasikov was replaced in the 36th minute.

Sibir dominated the third period, but still found it hard to solve Ilya Proskuryakov. It wasn’t until Juuso Puustinen scored in the 50th minute that the home team got on the board. Even then, the game looked to be done as the final two minutes rolled around with Dinamo up by two. But Sibir’s Finns had other ideas. Mikael Ruohomaa set up Yegor Milovzorov to make it 2-3 with 91 seconds left, then combined with Jyrki Jokipakka to create a second of the game for Puustinen 58 seconds from the end. And, deep into overtime, the same trio combined once more: Puustinen got his hat-trick goal, Ruohomaa finished with four assists and Sibir completed a remarkable comeback.

Sibir Novosibirsk Dinamo Riga
2 minKhabarov Yaroslav
2 min 
16:21Too many players on the ice
2 minIndrasis Miks
Sibir Novosibirsk Dinamo Riga
2 minSayustov Dmitry
0:1Berzins Daniels
23:58Meija Gints, Osenieks Ernests
0:2Mitchell Zack
30:44Ellis Morgan
0:3Jaks Janis
35:44Berzins Daniels
2 minZabusovs Patriks
Sibir Novosibirsk Dinamo Riga
1:3Puustinen Juuso
49:27Ruohomaa Mikael, Sharov Alexander A.
2:3Milovzorov Yegor
58:29Morozov Ilya, Ruohomaa Mikael
3:3Puustinen Juuso
59:02Ruohomaa Mikael, Jokipakka Jyrki
2 minSayustov Dmitry
2 minJaks Janis
Sibir Novosibirsk Dinamo Riga
4:3Puustinen Juuso
64:47Ruohomaa Mikael, Jokipakka Jyrki
  • 01:53 2 min Khabarov Yaroslav (Hooking)
  • 13:21 2 min Indrasis Miks (Tripping)
  • 16:21 2 min   (Too many players on the ice)
  • 23:58 0:1 Berzins Daniels (Meija Gints, Osenieks Ernests)
  • 27:37 2 min Zabusovs Patriks (Cross-checking)
  • 30:44 0:2 Mitchell Zack (Ellis Morgan)
  • 35:44 0:3 Jaks Janis (Berzins Daniels)
  • 39:48 2 min Sayustov Dmitry (High-sticking)
  • 44:58 2 min Jaks Janis (Tripping)
  • 49:27 1:3 Puustinen Juuso (Ruohomaa Mikael, Sharov Alexander A.)
  • 58:29 2:3 Milovzorov Yegor (Morozov Ilya, Ruohomaa Mikael)
  • 59:02 3:3 Puustinen Juuso (Ruohomaa Mikael, Jokipakka Jyrki)
  • 64:47 4:3 Puustinen Juuso (Ruohomaa Mikael, Jokipakka Jyrki)