Dinamo was unable to build on its victory over Kunlun Red Star, slumping to a heavy loss in Moscow. Dmitrij Jaskin’s hat-trick took this game away from the Latvians and made back-to-back wins for the Muscovites after Monday’s assured performance at home to Neftekhimik.

Jaskin’s first contribution to the game was in a supporting role, though. The Czech international got an assist as Vadim Shipachyov opened the scoring in the eighth minute. Soon after, Dynamo’s first line swapped roles as Jaskin scored his first of the night.

Riga briefly threatened to make a game of it when Zack Mitchell scored midway through the second period, but once Jaskin redirected a Michal Cajkovsky shot into the net for a power play goal, the visitor’s hopes were all but extinguished.

Penalty trouble in the third killed Riga off. Moscow got a 5-on-3 advantage for a full two minutes, and turned it into two goals. Jaskin completed his hat-trick then Andrei Mironov made it 5-1 25 seconds later. Yegor Bryzgalov completed the rout late on.


Dinamo Riga
1:0Shipachyov Vadim
07:11Kagarlitsky Dmitry, Jaskin Dmitrij
2:0Jaskin Dmitrij
10:49Shipachyov Vadim, Sergeyev Andrei
2 minCajkovsky Michal
2 minZyryanov Gleb
2 minSund Tony
Dinamo Riga
3:1Jaskin Dmitrij
31:11Hietanen Juuso, Cajkovsky Michal
2 minMironov Andrei A.
2:1Mitchell Zack
28:43White Matt, Lipon JC
2 minSund Tony
2 minIndrasis Miks
2 minMurray Jordan
2 minMurray Jordan
Dinamo Riga
4:1Jaskin Dmitrij
44:17Sergeyev Andrei, Shipachyov Vadim
5:1Mironov Andrei A.
44:42Tarasov Daniil Vl., Sergeyev Andrei
6:1Bryzgalov Yegor
46:02Volkov Artyom A., Pulkkinen Teemu
2 minJaskin Dmitrij
2 minMurray Jordan
2 minZyryanov Gleb
2 minMurray Jordan
  • 00:34 2 min Cajkovsky Michal (Tripping)
  • 07:11 1:0 Shipachyov Vadim (Kagarlitsky Dmitry, Jaskin Dmitrij)
  • 10:49 2:0 Jaskin Dmitrij (Shipachyov Vadim, Sergeyev Andrei)
  • 13:48 2 min Zyryanov Gleb (Roughing)
  • 18:27 2 min Sund Tony (Tripping)
  • 22:43 2 min Indrasis Miks (Boarding)
  • 28:43 2:1 Mitchell Zack (White Matt, Lipon JC)
  • 29:37 2 min Murray Jordan (High-sticking)
  • 31:11 3:1 Jaskin Dmitrij (Hietanen Juuso, Cajkovsky Michal)
  • 33:42 2 min Mironov Andrei A. (Interference)
  • 34:41 2 min Murray Jordan (Tripping)
  • 42:51 2 min Murray Jordan (High-sticking)
  • 42:51 2 min Zyryanov Gleb (Cross-checking)
  • 44:17 4:1 Jaskin Dmitrij (Sergeyev Andrei, Shipachyov Vadim)
  • 44:42 5:1 Mironov Andrei A. (Tarasov Daniil Vl., Sergeyev Andrei)
  • 46:02 6:1 Bryzgalov Yegor (Volkov Artyom A., Pulkkinen Teemu)
  • 48:03 2 min Murray Jordan (Roughing)
  • 54:53 2 min Jaskin Dmitrij (Cross-checking)