During the time out of “Winter Ice Break 2019” game between “Dinamo Riga” and “Dinamo Minsk” ice hockey fans were pleasingly surprised with video where Mathew Maione, defenceman of “Dinamo Riga”, performs song called “Awe” together with a band “Laime Pilniga'’. Band is taking a part in finals of “Supernova 2019” and looking forward to represent Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“Laime Pilniga” featuring Mathew Maione “Awe” - video

After video shoot Mathew could not hide his satisfaction: “The pleasure was all mine to perform with professionals but let me be clear, it was way much harder than to play ice hockey!”

The whole idea of collaboration together came up when Laime Pilnīga saw defenceman performing a song right before KHL All Stars game last january: “It was a huge surprise for us and we all are fans of “Dinamo Riga”. We were not quite sure that it would be possible to get in touch with Matthew and Dinamo due to their busy schedule. In the end it turned out pretty well and we are very happy with positive answer. If we just could play ice hockey half as good as he can sing!”