Until 19 August, representatives of media outlets can apply for accreditation to the traditional international LATVIAN RAILWAYS CUP ice hockey tournament that will take place at Arēna Rīga on 20—25 August. 

To obtain accreditation, representatives of media outlets should write to janis.stepitis@dinamoriga.eu by EOB on 19 August, stating the full name and occupation (journalist, photographer or videographer) of the person applying for accreditation, as well as the media outlet they represent.

On 20—25 August, at Arēna Rīga, the traditional international 2019 LATVIAN RAILWAYS CUP hockey tournament will take place for the 11th time, with 5 teams participating: DINAMO RĪGA, LOKOMOTIV (Yaroslavl), AK BARS (Kazan), DINAMO (Minsk) and AVTOMOBILIST (Yekaterinburg). The teams will play a round-robin tournament, playing each opponent once.

2019 LATVIAN RAILWAYS CUP game schedule:

20 August, 15:30, Arēna Rīga, AK BARS – DINAMO Minsk;

20 August, 19:30, Arēna Rīga, DINAMO RĪGA – AVTOMOBILIST;

21 August, 15:30, Arēna Rīga, AK BARS – AVTOMOBILIST;

21 August, 19:30, Arēna Rīga, DINAMO RĪGA – LOKOMOTIV;

22 August, 15:30, Arēna Rīga, AVTOMOBILIST – DINAMO Minsk;

22 August, 19:30, Arēna Rīga, LOKOMOTIV – AK BARS;

24 August, 13:00, Arena Riga, DINAMO RĪGA – DINAMO Minsk;

24 August, 17:00, Arēna Rīga, LOKOMOTIV – AVTOMOBILIST;

25 August, 13:00, Arēna Rīga, DINAMO Minska - LOKOMOTIV;

25 August, 17:00, Arena Riga, DINAMO RĪGA – AK BARS.