Dinamo was left ruing its luck with penalty shots after going down to Torpedo. Not only did the home team miss out in a shoot-out after the teams shared four goals in regulation, the Latvians missed a penalty shot during the game when Linus Videll was denied by Barry Brust on his Torpedo debut.

Torpedo looked to make the most of that reprieve and opened a 2-0 lead with goals from Andy Miele late in the second period and Vladimir Galuzin early in the third. But Riga rallied, scoring twice in five minutes as the game drew to an end and forcing overtime. Kristaps Zile got the home team on the scoreboard in the 55th minute before Martins Dzierkals tied the scores with 90 seconds left to play. Both teams had their chances in overtime but neither could force a winner.

In the shoot-out, Videll missed again as Dinamo failed to score on Brust. Miele was the only player to convert his attempt and that secured the extra point for the visitor.

Dinamo Riga Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod
2 minBrust Barry
00:41Throwing the puck outside the playing area
2 minOgiyenko Yegor
2 minHolm Philip
Dinamo Riga Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod
2 minZile Kristaps
35:51Holding the stick
0:1Miele Andy
38:05Sabolic Robert, Holm Philip
2 minHolm Philip
0 minAlyayev Artyom
2 min
24:52Too many players on the ice
Dinamo Riga Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod
1:2Zile Kristaps
54:28Balinskis Uvis, Darzins Lauris
2:2Dzierkals Martins
58:31Zile Kristaps
2 minShulenin Dmitry
0:2Galuzin Vladimir
43:12Barantsev Denis, Orlov Mikhail
5 minVarnakov Mikhail
20 minVarnakov Mikhail
50:13Game misconduct penalty
Dinamo Riga Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod
2:3Miele Andy
20 minVarnakov Mikhail
50:13Game misconduct penalty
  • 00:41 2 min Brust Barry (Throwing the puck outside the playing area)
  • 05:44 2 min Ogiyenko Yegor (High-sticking)
  • 19:36 2 min Holm Philip (Tripping)
  • 23:57 0 min Alyayev Artyom (Hooking)
  • 24:52 2 min   (Too many players on the ice)
  • 35:51 2 min Zile Kristaps (Holding the stick)
  • 38:05 0:1 Miele Andy (Sabolic Robert, Holm Philip)
  • 43:12 0:2 Galuzin Vladimir (Barantsev Denis, Orlov Mikhail)
  • 44:18 2 min Shulenin Dmitry (High-sticking)
  • 50:13 5 min Varnakov Mikhail (Slashing)
  • 50:13 20 min Varnakov Mikhail (Game misconduct penalty)
  • 54:28 1:2 Zile Kristaps (Balinskis Uvis, Darzins Lauris)
  • 58:31 2:2 Dzierkals Martins (Zile Kristaps)
  • 65:00 2:3 Miele Andy