Alexander Protapovich got his first goal in the KHL to give Dinamo Riga victory at Severstal. The 23-year-old, whose 13 appearances so far have been with three different clubs, struck just 30 seconds into the extras as the Latvians picked up a second successive overtime win and left the host rooted to the foot of the Western Conference.

Severstal, with just one improbable win at CSKA in its previous 13 games, made the brighter start and deserved its lead at the first intermission after Bogdan Yakimov’s goal separated the teams. However, Brandon McMillan tied the game late in the second frame. The Canadian forward potted his ninth goal of the season and trails only Lauris Darzins on Riga’s scoring charts.

The third period produced relatively few chances and neither team could snap that 1-1 tie and secure the victory. But early in the extras came Protapovich’s big moment. A Kristaps Sotnieks pass split the home defense and sent the forward one-on-one with Vladislav Podyapolsky. As the goalie went to ground early, Protapovich easily skated around him to slide the puck home and seal the win.

Severstal Cherepovets Dinamo Riga
1:0Yakimov Bogdan
09:02Sizov Anton, Podyapolsky Vladislav
Severstal Cherepovets Dinamo Riga
2 minVovchenko Daniil
1:1McMillan Brandon
35:29Slepets Kirill, Redlihs Mikelis
2 minBatnja Oskars
2 minZile Kristaps
Severstal Cherepovets Dinamo Riga
2 minSizov Anton
49:59Throwing the puck outside the playing area
2 minRedlihs Mikelis
Severstal Cherepovets Dinamo Riga
1:2Protapovich Alexander
60:30Sotnieks Kristaps
  • 09:02 1:0 Yakimov Bogdan (Sizov Anton, Podyapolsky Vladislav)
  • 24:05 2 min Batnja Oskars (Slashing)
  • 27:41 2 min Vovchenko Daniil (Diving)
  • 27:41 2 min Zile Kristaps (Holding)
  • 35:29 1:1 McMillan Brandon (Slepets Kirill, Redlihs Mikelis)
  • 43:10 2 min Redlihs Mikelis (Tripping)
  • 49:59 2 min Sizov Anton (Throwing the puck outside the playing area)
  • 60:30 1:2 Protapovich Alexander (Sotnieks Kristaps)