The KHL is delighted to announce that Riga will be the host city for next year’s All-Star Week. The Latvian capital was unveiled as the venue for the 2021 event during Friday’s presentation ceremony for the players taking part in 2020 FONBET All-Star Game at Moscow’s VTB Arena.
Riga faced competition from Helsinki and St. Petersburg to stage next year’s event. Each year, the KHL assesses each candidate against several specific criteria and, after thoroughly reviewing all the bids, the league opted to go to Latvia.

Riga last hosted the All-Star game back in 2012. Now, nine years later, we’re going back to Latvia. During Friday’s presentation, representatives of Dinamo Riga screened a short promo film and spoke about their plans for next year’s festival of hockey.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, KHL President:

Many people have been asking about the selection process for next year’s All-Star host city. For the fourth year running, the candidates have put themselves forward to bid for the show. Subsequently, our commission reviewed each proposal against several dozen criteria before choosing the host for the game. Three cities were competing for the right to stage the All-Star Game: Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Riga. And we can confirm that next year, the KHL All-Star Game will take place in the Latvian capital.

Juris Savitskis, Chairman, Dinamo Riga:

This evening is a great success for me. I’m very pleased that next year Riga will be a true capital of hockey. In 2021 it was be nine years since we previously staged the KHL All-Star Game. So now we will watch very closely how Moscow puts on its show for the fans this year. We also want to ensure that our All-Star Game is organized to the highest possible standards. I promise we’ll come up with something special. Riga is a very hospitable city so please come. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 2021 KHL All-Star Week.