A second-period surge brought Sibir only its second win of the season as Dinamo Riga’s slump continues with a fifth loss in six games

An opening session short on scoring chances saw the home team go in front through a Vladimir Peshekhonov goal, but the middle frame took the game away from Dinamo. Danil Romantsev scored twice in 24 seconds then incoming goalie Maxim Tretyak was beaten by Nikita Mikhailov, allowing a goal from the first shot he faced. Yegor Dugin struck on the power play to make it 5-0 and complete a miserable 20 minutes for the visitor.

The Latvians tried to rally in the final third. Kevin Clark scored two, Mathew Maione added a third when a major penalty for Evgeny Bodrov enabled Dinamo to play a long spell of 6-on-4 hockey. But the fightback ended there and Romantsev had the final say when he completed his hat-trick into an empty net. Sibir remains rooted to the bottom of the KHL table but now has two wins from three.

Sibir Novosibirsk Dinamo Riga
1:0Peshekhonov Vladimir
10:22Bodrov Evgeny
2 minVorobei Pavel
01:29Throwing the stick
2 minKazakov Maxim D.
2 minMyttynen Matias
2 minDarzins Lauris
Sibir Novosibirsk Dinamo Riga
2:0Romantsev Danil
31:56Peshekhonov Vladimir, Yakovlev Alexei
3:0Romantsev Danil
4:0Mikhailov Nikita
33:35Dugin Yegor, Kazakov Maxim D.
5:0Dugin Yegor
39:07Sayustov Dmitry, Komarov Viktor
2 minPavlovs Vitalijs
21:29Playing with the broken stick
2 minZile Kristaps
2 minSotnieks Kristaps
Sibir Novosibirsk Dinamo Riga
6:3Romantsev Danil
58:28Mikhailov Nikita
2 minKomarov Viktor
5 minBodrov Evgeny
20 minBodrov Evgeny
46:02Game misconduct penalty
5:1Clark Kevin
43:02Maione Mathew, Dzerins Andris
5:2Clark Kevin
46:42Videll Linus, Maione Mathew
5:3Maione Mathew
48:49Darzins Lauris, Videll Linus
  • 01:29 2 min Vorobei Pavel (Throwing the stick)
  • 07:25 2 min Myttynen Matias (Slashing)
  • 10:22 1:0 Peshekhonov Vladimir (Bodrov Evgeny)
  • 13:06 2 min Darzins Lauris (Slashing)
  • 14:29 2 min Kazakov Maxim D. (Slashing)
  • 21:29 2 min Pavlovs Vitalijs (Playing with the broken stick)
  • 28:58 2 min Zile Kristaps ()
  • 31:56 2:0 Romantsev Danil (Peshekhonov Vladimir, Yakovlev Alexei)
  • 32:20 3:0 Romantsev Danil
  • 33:35 4:0 Mikhailov Nikita (Dugin Yegor, Kazakov Maxim D.)
  • 37:56 2 min Sotnieks Kristaps (Boarding)
  • 39:07 5:0 Dugin Yegor (Sayustov Dmitry, Komarov Viktor)
  • 43:02 5:1 Clark Kevin (Maione Mathew, Dzerins Andris)
  • 44:10 2 min Komarov Viktor (Tripping)
  • 46:02 5 min Bodrov Evgeny (Slashing)
  • 46:02 20 min Bodrov Evgeny (Game misconduct penalty)
  • 46:42 5:2 Clark Kevin (Videll Linus, Maione Mathew)
  • 48:49 5:3 Maione Mathew (Darzins Lauris, Videll Linus)
  • 58:28 6:3 Romantsev Danil (Mikhailov Nikita)