Dinamo snapped a five-game losing streak thanks to a late goal from Nikita Setdikov. The forward, playing only his second game for Riga since moving from Avtomobilist, potted the decisive marker with barely three minutes left to play and his first effort for his new club earned his team a much-needed victory.

The play started with Andris Dzerins battling to get the puck out from behind the net. Derzins then headed to the slot to combine with Uvis Balinskis and screen Julius Hudacek in the Spartak net. Setdikov rolled around to the top of the right-hand circle and fired in a shot that whipped between his two team-mates and past Hudacek to restore the home lead. Dzerins then finished it off with an empty-net goal.

Earlier, Nerijus Alisauskas had given Dinamo the lead in the sixth minute. The Lithuanian defenseman also found the net in Tuesday’s overtime loss against Salavat Yulaev and had an assist against SKA before the international break as he established his first three-game scoring sequence in his career.

However, Spartak managed to tie the game midway through the third period when Latvian international Kaspars Daugavins set up Maxim Goncharov to make it 1-1.


Dinamo Riga Spartak Moscow
1:0Alisauskas Nerijus
05:30Lipsbergs Roberts, Dzerins Andris
2 minBerglund Kristofer
2 minSotnieks Kristaps
2 minSetdikov Nikita
2 min
01:31Too many players on the ice
2 minYunkov Mikhail
Dinamo Riga Spartak Moscow
2 minDaugavins Kaspars
21:29Throwing the puck outside the playing area
2 minMusin Damir
2 minHersley Patrik
33:16Throwing the puck outside the playing area
2 minZubov Ilya
Dinamo Riga Spartak Moscow
2:1Setdikov Nikita
56:36Dzerins Andris, Meija Gints
3:1Dzerins Andris
59:36Lipsbergs Roberts, Redlihs Mikelis
2 minBerglund Kristofer
1:1Goncharov Maxim A.
51:49Daugavins Kaspars
2 minZubov Ilya
2 minFyodorov Artyom
  • 01:31 2 min   (Too many players on the ice)
  • 05:30 1:0 Alisauskas Nerijus (Lipsbergs Roberts, Dzerins Andris)
  • 07:58 2 min Berglund Kristofer (Hooking)
  • 07:58 2 min Yunkov Mikhail (Diving)
  • 09:52 2 min Sotnieks Kristaps (High-sticking)
  • 16:36 2 min Setdikov Nikita (Tripping)
  • 21:29 2 min Daugavins Kaspars (Throwing the puck outside the playing area)
  • 28:50 2 min Musin Damir (High-sticking)
  • 33:16 2 min Hersley Patrik (Throwing the puck outside the playing area)
  • 38:57 2 min Zubov Ilya (Slashing)
  • 50:33 2 min Berglund Kristofer (Roughing)
  • 50:33 2 min Fyodorov Artyom (Roughing)
  • 51:49 1:1 Goncharov Maxim A. (Daugavins Kaspars)
  • 56:36 2:1 Setdikov Nikita (Dzerins Andris, Meija Gints)
  • 59:36 3:1 Dzerins Andris (Lipsbergs Roberts, Redlihs Mikelis)