A three-game winning streak ahead of Wednesday’s game lifted the mood around Sibir and Nikolai Zavarukhin’s team arrived in Latvia looking to put daylight between itself and the teams chasing a playoff spot. Two goals midway through the first period — Pekka Jormakka and Juuso Puustinen were the scorers — had the visitor well placed to make it four-in-a-row.

However, Dinamo’s recent signing Gleb Zyryanov is making a habit of getting goals against his former clubs. He scored twice to give the Latvians a 5-4 verdict against Kunlun Red Star, snapping a long losing streak in the process. Today, against the team where he made his KHL debut, the 28-year-old was on target again when he redirected Jordan Murray’s point shot past Harri Sateri.

Miks Indrasis is another Riga player returning to form. He had to wait until Nov. 16 for his first goal of the season, but today brought his fourth, a power play tally to tie the game early in the third period. However, it wasn’t enough to save Dinamo from defeat. Midway through the third period, Nikita Shashkov’s shot from the deep slot was good enough to beat Stanislav Galimov, helped by Nikita Korotkov’s screen in front of the goalie. That secured a fourth successive win for Sibir, while Dinamo remains at the foot of the KHL table.


Dinamo Riga Sibir Novosibirsk
2 minBerzins Daniels
0:1Jormakka Pekka
09:11Romantsev Danil, Li Oleg
0:2Puustinen Juuso
10:28Ruohomaa Mikael, Milovzorov Yegor
2 minRomantsev Danil
14:04Delaying the game
Dinamo Riga Sibir Novosibirsk
1:2Zyryanov Gleb
25:21Murray Jordan, Stolyarov Gennady
2 minZile Kristaps
2 minWhite Matt
2 minZile Kristaps
2 minDemidov Nikolai
2 minYefremov Nikita
23:10Holding the stick
2 minPuustinen Juuso
Dinamo Riga Sibir Novosibirsk
2:2Indrasis Miks
43:45Murray Jordan, Darzins Lauris
2 minZile Kristaps
2 minZile Kristaps
2:3Shashkov Nikita
50:16Khokhlov Ilya, Alexeyev Konstantin
2 minKhabarov Yaroslav
2 minKhokhlov Ilya
  • 09:11 0:1 Jormakka Pekka (Romantsev Danil, Li Oleg)
  • 10:28 0:2 Puustinen Juuso (Ruohomaa Mikael, Milovzorov Yegor)
  • 14:04 2 min Berzins Daniels (Slashing)
  • 14:04 2 min Romantsev Danil (Delaying the game)
  • 20:28 2 min Demidov Nikolai (Cross-checking)
  • 23:10 2 min Yefremov Nikita (Holding the stick)
  • 25:21 1:2 Zyryanov Gleb (Murray Jordan, Stolyarov Gennady)
  • 29:00 2 min Zile Kristaps (Holding)
  • 29:58 2 min White Matt (Slashing)
  • 30:02 2 min Puustinen Juuso (High-sticking)
  • 38:33 2 min Zile Kristaps (High-sticking)
  • 40:33 2 min Zile Kristaps (High-sticking)
  • 43:04 2 min Khabarov Yaroslav (Holding)
  • 43:45 2:2 Indrasis Miks (Murray Jordan, Darzins Lauris)
  • 46:32 2 min Khokhlov Ilya (High-sticking)
  • 50:16 2:3 Shashkov Nikita (Khokhlov Ilya, Alexeyev Konstantin)