Dinamo ended a two-game scoring blank to pick up a point at home to playoff chasing HC Sochi, but the Latvians fell in overtime as the Leopards kept their hopes of a top-eight finish alive.

Sochi can afford few slips in the closing weeks of the season if it is to make up an eight-point gap to the playoff places, but the visitor made a sluggish start in Riga. Dinamo shaded the first period in most areas, but still allowed the only goal of the frame when Dmitry Lugin scored midway through.

The middle frame was dominated by Dinamo, outshooting Sochi 17-4. The host was helped by a string of minor penalties, but suffered a blow late in the session when Andris Dzerins was assessed a game misconduct penalty. Dinamo then killed two penalties early in the third before Alexander Protapovich conjured an equalizer and took the game into overtime.

The extras were brief, though. Sochi started on the front foot and Swedish defenseman David Rundblad fired home the winner after 43 seconds. It was the former SKA man’s first goal since his move to Sochi.


Dinamo Riga HC Sochi
2 minBerglund Kristofer
0:1Lugin Dmitry
09:34Kaletnik Vladislav
2 minShmelyov Sergei
19:33Handling the puck with the hands
Dinamo Riga HC Sochi
2 minDzerins Andris
37:20Holding the stick
20 minDzerins Andris
39:25Game misconduct penalty
2 minShmelyov Sergei
19:33Handling the puck with the hands
2 minAlexandrov Yury
2 minVyglazov Nikita
2 min
30:26Too many players on the ice
2 minArkhipov Dmitry
Dinamo Riga HC Sochi
1:1Protapovich Alexander
47:51Redlihs Mikelis, Daloga Marek
2 minMarshall Benjamin
2 minAlisauskas Nerijus
2 minAbrosimov Roman
Dinamo Riga HC Sochi
20 minDzerins Andris
39:25Game misconduct penalty
1:2Rundblad David
60:44Altybarmakyan Andrei
  • 05:01 2 min Berglund Kristofer (Interference)
  • 09:34 0:1 Lugin Dmitry (Kaletnik Vladislav)
  • 19:33 2 min Shmelyov Sergei (Handling the puck with the hands)
  • 22:49 2 min Alexandrov Yury (High-sticking)
  • 27:46 2 min Vyglazov Nikita (Hooking)
  • 30:26 2 min   (Too many players on the ice)
  • 33:17 2 min Arkhipov Dmitry (High-sticking)
  • 37:20 2 min Dzerins Andris (Holding the stick)
  • 39:25 20 min Dzerins Andris (Game misconduct penalty)
  • 40:34 2 min Marshall Benjamin (Tripping)
  • 44:40 2 min Alisauskas Nerijus (Tripping)
  • 47:51 1:1 Protapovich Alexander (Redlihs Mikelis, Daloga Marek)
  • 52:02 2 min Abrosimov Roman (Slashing)
  • 60:44 1:2 Rundblad David (Altybarmakyan Andrei)