Sochi surprised Dinamo Riga, and not even another goal from Linus Videll could save the Latvians from a heavy home defeat.

Kirill Kapustin gave the visitor the ideal start with a third-minute goal and Nikita Tochitsky made it 2-0 in the 11th minute. That saw Timur Bilyalov come on in place of Kristers Gudlevskis, but Dinamo was unable to find a foothold in the game. The second period saw Sochi have the better of the play and it wasn’t until the 56th minute that Videll – Dinamo’s game-winner on Monday – pull one back for the host.

There was no grandstand finish this time, though. Nikita Shchitov made it 3-1 on the power play and Damir Rakhimullin found the empty net for his first KHL goal to wrap up the win.

Dinamo Riga HC Sochi
0:1Kapustin Kirill
02:09Tochitsky Nikita
0:2Tochitsky Nikita
10:58Auvitu Yohann
2 minShmelyov Sergei
Dinamo Riga HC Sochi
2 minDzerins Andris
2 minRedlihs Mikelis
2 minArkhipov Dmitry
Dinamo Riga HC Sochi
1:2Videll Linus
55:31Maione Mathew, Darzins Lauris
2 minRedlihs Mikelis
2 min 
52:08Too many players on the ice
2 minBatnja Oskars
55:47Delaying the game
2 minBatnja Oskars
1:3Shchitov Nikita
56:26Rosen Robert, Jokipakka Jyrki
1:4Rakhimullin Damir
58:14Budkin Alexander
2 minPolunin Alexander
  • 02:09 0:1 Kapustin Kirill (Tochitsky Nikita)
  • 04:57 2 min Shmelyov Sergei ()
  • 10:58 0:2 Tochitsky Nikita (Auvitu Yohann)
  • 25:57 2 min Dzerins Andris (Tripping)
  • 33:58 2 min Arkhipov Dmitry (High-sticking)
  • 39:50 2 min Redlihs Mikelis (High-sticking)
  • 52:08 2 min   (Too many players on the ice)
  • 53:51 2 min Polunin Alexander (Tripping)
  • 55:31 1:2 Videll Linus (Maione Mathew, Darzins Lauris)
  • 55:47 2 min Batnja Oskars (Delaying the game)
  • 56:26 1:3 Shchitov Nikita (Rosen Robert, Jokipakka Jyrki)
  • 58:14 1:4 Rakhimullin Damir (Budkin Alexander)
  • 58:39 2 min Batnja Oskars (Boarding)