Severstal collected its third victory in four encounters with Dinamo Riga this season. But this was another close game between two teams down at the foot of the Western Conference that needed a shoot-out to settle the issue.

In that shoot-out, Vladislav Podyapolsky proved unbeatable in the Severstal goal, while Alexander Petunin and Vadim Kudako both scored on Janis Voris at the other end. The latter produced a particularly slick move to deke the Dinamo youngster and secure his team’s fourth win in five games.

For Dinamo, meanwhile, the point moves Girts Ankipans’ team another point away from Minsk at the foot of the table, while youngster Voris continues to look like a strong goaltending prospect. He came up with several big saves late in the game to force overtime, and defied the Severstal power play during the extras.

Earlier, the visitor took the lead in the 25th minute through Bogdan Yakimov, but Dinamo hit back with two goals late in the middle frame. Kristaps Sotnieks and Emils Gegeris struck just 23 seconds apart to give the host a slender lead to take into the third.

However, a penalty on Mikelis Redlihs offered a way back for Severstal and Yegor Yakovlev tied the scores in the 47th minute.

Dinamo Riga Severstal Cherepovets
2 minGillies Colton
2 minKhabarov Makar
Dinamo Riga Severstal Cherepovets
1:1Sotnieks Kristaps
38:47Meija Gints, Batnja Oskars
2:1Gegeris Emils
39:10Maione Mathew, Dzerins Andris
2 minAlisauskas Nerijus
20:49Throwing the puck outside the playing area
0:1Yakimov Bogdan
24:09Nevolin Maxim, Khokhlov Ilya
2 minYakovlev Yegor A.
31:36Throwing the puck outside the playing area
Dinamo Riga Severstal Cherepovets
2 minRedlihs Mikelis
2:2Yakovlev Yegor A.
46:26Morozov Yegor Al., Kapustin Kirill
Dinamo Riga Severstal Cherepovets
2 min 
60:50Too many players on the ice
2:3Kudako Vadim
  • 03:00 2 min Gillies Colton (Boarding)
  • 16:04 2 min Khabarov Makar (Tripping)
  • 20:49 2 min Alisauskas Nerijus (Throwing the puck outside the playing area)
  • 24:09 0:1 Yakimov Bogdan (Nevolin Maxim, Khokhlov Ilya)
  • 31:36 2 min Yakovlev Yegor A. (Throwing the puck outside the playing area)
  • 38:47 1:1 Sotnieks Kristaps (Meija Gints, Batnja Oskars)
  • 39:10 2:1 Gegeris Emils (Maione Mathew, Dzerins Andris)
  • 46:00 2 min Redlihs Mikelis (Holding)
  • 46:26 2:2 Yakovlev Yegor A. (Morozov Yegor Al., Kapustin Kirill)
  • 60:50 2 min   (Too many players on the ice)
  • 65:00 2:3 Kudako Vadim