DINAMO RĪGA coaching team, led by Pēteris Skudra, has been joined by defencemen coach Dmitry Parkhomenko from Russia, goalie coach Andrei Kudin form Belarus and video coach Igor Makarov from Russia, who will work together with the current coaches Raimonds Vilkots, Aleksandrs Ņiživijs and physical fitness coach Raivis Miezāns.


47-year-old Dmitry Parkhomenko has already worked with Pēteris Skudra in the TORPEDO team in the 2017/2018 season, but the two previous seasons he worked in the VHL club METALLURG Novokuznetsk, where he was both the Head Coach and the Assistant Head Coach. He started his coaching career in 2006 and has worked both as an Assistant Head Coach and Head Coach in the KHL and also the MHL. Prior to that, he led a long career as a defender playing in the strongest leagues of Russia. He has played a total of 566 games in various teams.

During his career as a coach, 50-year-old Andrei Kudin has worked for the Belarussian Extraleague team SHAKHTYOR Soligorsk, has been the coach of the Belarussian U20 selection of goalies, for two seasons he worked with the goalies of the KHL club DINAMO Minsk, but last season he was the coach of the MHL team DINAMO St Petersburg. During his career as an ice-hockey goalie, he has played in various Belarussian teams.


Last season, the 47-year-old video coach Igor Makarov performed the same duties in another KHL club ADMIRAL Vladivostok.