Spectator Behaviour Policy

These Regulations determine the norms of behavior in venue, which must be observed by spectators when attending Dinamo Rīga and HK Rīga hockey games that take place in the territory of the Republic of Latvia and in foreign territories where home games of foreign clubs take place.

1. General provisions 
1.1. Spectators - persons who have arrived at the sports facility and who have an entrance ticket, season pass, invitation or other document of a certain sample, but who are not related to the organization and production of the event. 
1.2. In order to ensure the safety of certain categories of spectators, the game organizer may introduce special conditions for attending the game for these categories of spectators, by informing the event venue administration, law enforcement authorities and spectators before the start of ticket sales. 
1.3. It is considered that by entering the sports facility, spectators are committed to agree with these Regulations, which apply at all times while spectators are in the sports facility.
1.4. Compliance with the Rules is the responsibility of the game organizer, law enforcement officers, fire service personnel, as well as the relevant sports facilities, who ensure the control and pass regime, spectator placement and public order (security services, private security companies, controllers, administrators, volunteers, etc.).
1.5. Spectators who do not comply with the Regulations will not be allowed to enter or will be expelled from the venue without refunding the value of the entrance ticket and will be administratively penalized or prosecuted for carrying out illegal activities. 
1.6. In order to prevent illegal activities, the organizer of the event is entitled to take pictures of the spectators and record videos. 
1.7. If the spectator violates these Rules, the organizer of the event and the administration of the sports facility have the right to refuse entrance for the violator to enter the sports facility during other events. 

2. Spectators have the right to: 
2.1. Enter the sports building before and during the game by presenting entrance tickets, season passes, invitations or other document that allows entry to the event. The start time of the entrance to the venue is determined by the organizer of the game, the administration of the sports facility and the law enforcement authorities by a corporate decision. The number of times a spectator may enter a sports building with an entrance ticket, season pass or other document that allows entry to the event during one game shall be determined by the sports building administration. 
2.2. Use all the services offered by the game organizers and the venue administration. 
2.3. Bring to the venue and use: 
· tobacco products and lighters, which may only be used for smoking in designated areas; 
· Fan merchandise that is being officially marketed by clubs in sports venues; 
· in the season 2011-2012 - horn  with the length up to 20 cm and plastic snippets, in coordination with the organizer of the game, if their use does not cause objections from the spectators sitting next to them. It is forbidden to bring and use horns in the venue "Arena Riga" (Riga, Latvia). Starting from season 2012-2013. The carrying and use of horns is prohibited in all sports facilities. 
2.4. Representatives of fan clubs are allowed to bring in and use if items is supervised by the member of the fan club: 
· drums with a single membrane and an open bottom, with a diameter of up to 60 cm and a height of up to 40 cm, as well as drumsticks, 
· Banners of different shapes, if they are placed in the stands so as not to disturb other spectators to watch the game. Their placement in the sports building shall be coordinated with the sports building administration, the head of the headquarters of law enforcement agencies and a representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, determined by the person responsible for safety in the club that organizes the game. Banners must be made of non-flamable material (saturated with a special substance) and certified by appropriate fire safety certificates. The content of the banners must be devoted to the club's support, and must not contain offensive, uncensored, provocative texts, words, symbols or images; 
· Flags with a plastic tubular handle. The length of the handle must not exceed 1.5 meters. Flags must be made of non-flammable material (saturated with a special substance) and certified by appropriate fire safety certificates. The use of such flags is permitted in the guest and home team support sectors. The content displayed on the flags must be devoted to the club's support, and must not contain offensive, uncensored, provocative texts, words, symbols or images; 
· Other team support tools. The use of other items of support may be permitted by a corporate decision of the organizer, the administration of the venue and the management of the headquarters of the law enforcement authorities. 
Items of support containing words and expressions in the official languages ​​of the Republics of the Russian Federation and in the official languages ​​of the countries whose clubs participate in the championship must be provided with a translation approved by the club. 
Items of support that include words and expressions in a foreign language must be provided with a notarized translation. 
Support items that include abbreviations and digital groups must be provided with a written explanation of the abbreviations and digital groups approved by the club. 
In order to find out the compliance of the mentioned attribute with the requirements, the owners of the item must present it to the representatives of the game organizer, sports administration, headquarters of law enforcement institutions, Ministry of Emergency Situations 1.5 hours before the start of the game. 
If fans violate these rules, a decision may be made to prohibit the use of the above-mentioned items of support during hockey games. 
2.5. To take amateur photographs and video recordings without accreditation (unless their use is prohibited by the organizer of the game, which must be marked on the entrance ticket, season pass or invitation). 

3. Responsibilities of spectators: 
3.1. Present entrance tickets, season passes, invitations or other documents giving the right to enter the sports facility, as well as car entry permits to its territory for employees who provide control and pass regime. 
3.2. Pass a special security control (inspection) in order to ensure safety and prevent the introduction of prohibited items when entering a sports building, but in some cases, when entering an enclosed area adjacent to a sports building. 
3.3. Take seats in the stands according to the entrance tickets, season passes and invitations. 
3.4. Follow the orders of the game organizer, sports administration, law enforcement and fire safety institutions, observe public order and generally accepted norms of behavior. 
3.5. Report suspected objects, fire and smoke, law violations and other security threats to the sports facility administration and law enforcement officials immediately. 
3.6. Treat the property of the venue with care, observe cleanliness. 

4. Spectators are prohibited from: 
4.1. To be at the venue under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances . 
4.2. Bring to a venue, use or operate: 
· alcoholic beverages; 
· Weapons and ammunition of any kind; 
· Stabbing or cutting objects; 
· Smoke candles; 
· Fan pyrotechnics; 
· Flares; 
· Firecrackers; 
· Pyrotechnics; 
· Other substances, objects, articles, including self-made ones, the use of which may cause smoke, fire and other negative consequences; 
· Flammable, explosive, poisonous, toxic and corrosive substances; 
· Flammable, materials and objects; 
· Coloring substances and items; 
· Drugs; 
· Radioactive materials; 
· Gas cans with paralyzing and tearing effects; 
· Laser equipment; 
· Other items that can be used as weapons; 
· Tin cans, glass and plastic containers, bottles and containers. 
· Oversized items that interfere with other spectators and process of the event; 
· Sound amplification devices; 
· Radio transmitters. 
4.3. Smoking in places where it is prohibited by the venue administration. 
4.4. Light a fire. 
4.5. Throw objects on the stands, in the ice rink and the surrounding area, as well as purposefully throw objects on spectators, hockey players, coaches, referees, club representatives, sports facilities, law enforcement officers, official representatives of the game organizer.
4.6. Wear and display signs, attributes and other symbols of fascist and racist content. 
4.7. Use fascist and racist words and expressions as well as gestures. 
4.8. Use uncensored and offensive words and expressions, as well as gestures. 
4.9. Use items and banners or use chants, shouts and gestures that provoke social, racial, religious, national and transnational hatred, as well as indicate social, racial, religious, national and transnational superiority.
4.10. Use clothing items, other items and techniques that covers the face. 
4.11. Violate the moral and behavioral norms of society by exposing body parts while in the venue. 
4.12. To behave in a provocative manner, threatening the spectators and participants of the game, endangering the life and safety of himself and other persons, or endangering any person in any way. 
4.13. Enter the enclosure around the ice rink and enter to the ice rink, enter the team locker rooms, referee locker room, press center and other service premises. 
4.14. During the game, stand in aisles, stand on stairs, obstruct the movement of spectators and participants, climb on chairs, jump, arrange imitation of illegal activities while in the stands, climb on fences, railings, lighting devices, masts, load-bearing structures, cause damage to sports facilities and spectators' property . 
4.15. Arrive at the sports building with animals. 
4.16. Organize any political actions. 
4.17. Distribute in any form in advertising promotional products, souvenirs and products with political, religious or racist content (including posters, flyers and booklets). Buy and resell game entrance tickets for the purpose of enrichment (make speculative trades). 
4.18. Requirements for mascot and cheerleader team rooms 
· Mascot and cheerleader team rooms must be located outside the “Clean Area”
·These rooms must be disinfected regularly and air must be regularly disinfected in these rooms 
· These rooms must have a hand sanitizer 
4.19. The organizer has the right to deny the visitor entry to the event if the visitor has a high temperature (37.8 C) or signs of respiratory or other illness.