The time has come when our presence here, in "Arena Riga", as in many events in Latvia, is very limited, and it is important at this time to be responsible, united in mind and thought and strong in spirit, to protect our health and to be inspired by each other.

And therefore, now that the usual hockey atmosphere is silent in "Arena Riga", "Dinamo Riga" invites you to fill the arena stands with the presence of hockey, placing game jerseys on the seats, by showing the unity of athletes and support for hockey.

One of the first to respond to this campaign was "Entuziasti" (Enthusiasts Hockey League), with an emotional slogan - #WeMissYou (#JūsMumsPietrūkstat) by asking teams participating in their league to bring your jerseys to the arena.

For now The Marupe Hockey Union, the Riga Hockey School and the Pirati Youth Hockey Team and Fanclub of Dinamo Riga have been involved in the campaign in large numbers, delivering their hockey jerseys to the arena in a short time. However, there are still many seats in Arena Riga that could be covered, so if you are interested, we are waiting for your participation application by e-mail  

We all have a common hope, and we believe that the time will come again when the shirts will be again used at the ice rink, but the seats of Arena Riga will be filled by thousands of fans!

#WeMissYou, so we invite everyone to get involved - we will appreciate it!